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There is a three-strike policy in place as it pertains to the use of Student Television’s equipment and facilities. Strikes include but are not limited to:

Late return of equipment
Failure to appear for reserved equipment
Failure to properly care for equipment
Damages incurred to equipment and facilities, especially to the point that they no longer function properly
Disappearance of minor equipment (such as a cord or lens cap)

First Strike: A warning.

Second Strike: Check-out privileges revoked for two weeks starting when all items are checked in.

Third Strike: Check-out privileges revoked for the remainder of the semester.

THEFT: In the case that you or someone that you are working with steals STV equipment, not only will check-out privileges be revoked, but STV will file a report with the police regarding the theft. If equipment is never found or returned, STV will charge you for the item(s)’s replacement.

Additionally, I agree to use Student Television equipment according to the following conditions:

I will use STV equipment ONLY for the production of a Student Television show, promotional video, trailer, short film, or other organization-related project.
I will not use STV equipment for personal projects or class projects.
I understand that I am responsible for damages and destruction to, or loss of STV equipment, regardless of whether or not coverage is secured through an insurance carrier. I understand that I am responsible for reimbursing STV for damages, destruction, or loss of said equipment.
I will report any damages, destruction, or loss of equipment to the STV Station Engineer no later than twenty-four hours following knowledge of said damage, destruction, or loss.
I will email any updated contact information to